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          ASBB Classy N Sassy
                        50% Doe

           CSB Ruger Reloaded *Ennobled
CSB  Magnus
           MCR Outlandish Event*Ennobled
Boer X
                       5 ABGA points
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                             BSA Perky Patti
          HC's Fix It Flash Drive **Ennobled
      CBW Power Drive **Ennobled
          EGGS X073

          BSA Check My Swag **Ennobled  Sire of MeritNGC 12
       BSA Tiz The Season
            S2 Chic To Chic **Doe of Excellence

                   N1BG Raspberry Beret
                       SBG5S and S Farms B152
                    N1BG Dr. Feelgood
                        LCG1 Mona-Lisa
                        CSB Magnus
                    ASBB Classy N Sassy
                        Boer X
                Multiple Division Champion
           N1BG Busy Being Fabulous

            AABG NBD Stardom**Ennobled
           N1BG Notorious
                    SC4 4C Fabuloso

                   CSB Magnus**Ennobled  
            ASBB Classy N Sassy
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​         Capriole's Pass The Pancakes
                 CSB Ruger Reloaded*Ennobled
            Brite's Double Stack
                  2Dox Straigt Up Star
                  Capriole's Valor *Ennobled
            Capriole's Password Protected
                    Capriole's Secret Passion

      Show Me Boers UBar miss Kitty Wells
              RRD Prime Suspect*Ennobled
        Capriole's Tuffy James*Ennobled
              Capriole's Kiss N Tell
              Back 2 Nature Polar Express*Ennoble
        SGR Polar's Kitty Cat
              SGR Kitty Kitty*Ennobled